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Pamela Johnson photo
Bill and Pam Johnson travelling in California
The founder of RVNotepad is Pamela Johnson, the owner of Teccora. From 2000 to 2012 Teccora provided custom software development for businesses in Northern California and across the United States. We were a team of programmers, IT technicians and trainers.

All that changed in 2012. Pam and her husband decided it was time to do the traveling that their busy professional lives had not allowed. They sold the house, bought a motorhome and attached a jeep to the back. Their journeys began.

This software is the result of two years of development to solve our own traveling problems! We need to keep track of maintenance on our motorhome and car. We really wanted to keep a journal and attach pictures. We talked to friends about campgrounds and restaurants, and then could not remember them when we were in the area.

What's a programmer to do? Write an app of course! And this is it. We sure hope you like it!

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