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You can test RVNotepad for 30 days absolutely free. We hope you will download it and play with it. If you find it useful, come back and buy it!

RVNotepad Requires Windows Version 8 or later.

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The latest version is 3.7

Delivered on October 7, 2017

  • Fixed problem with creating a new trip plan stop when a campground is not included.
  • Fixed a problem with the vehicle maintenance scheduler that did not allow adding a new scheduled item
  • Added a mini report to the vehichle maintenance scheduler to view actual maintenance events for each scheduled item.
  • Improved the ability to add an expense through the vehicle maintenance screens.

Version 3.6

Delivered on May 11, 20177

  • This version includes a new Calendar feature that allows you to add your own events, in addition to seeing campground stays, planning stops, expenses and more.
  • Additional reporting options for Service Records, Trip Planning, and Journals.
  • Fuel Stops now automatically update the vehicle odomoeter in Vehicle Details.
  • Bug fix in the trip planner to automatically save attractions when adding new trip stops.

Version 3.5 included

Delivered on March 13, 2017

This includes some bug fixes and more improvements to the Vehicle Scheduling.

Version 3.0 included

Delivered on January 6, 2017

  • Improved Vehicle Maintenance and Scheduling
  • Easier expense tracking.
  • Now available for 32 bit computers.